The Process

Executive Search

The selection process and Executive Search is carried out with a focus on the quality and added value that the client seeks, consisting of the following phases:

  • Position definition: In this stage, a meeting is held (in person or via videoconference) with the requesting company so that the profile, responsibilities, what we will look for and stages of the process are designed;
  • Mapping: After defining the position, the mapping stage begins, where the candidate search process is made and documented. In this stage, the professionals will be approached via email or telephone;
  • Interviews: Candidates who were approached, who are within the profile, and who expressed interest in the position, will be interviewed (in person or via videoconference). In this interview, technical and behavioral skills will be mapped, in addition to adherence to the desired profile;
  • Short-List: The client will be presented with a list of candidates pre-selected for the position, containing salary information, expected remuneration, current position, a brief description of their current duties, strength points, points to develop and time needed to start the new position;
  • Interviews with the client: This stage will be 100% conducted by the company. Global Talent HQ will be responsible for scheduling and feedback from both side;
  • Choice of the finalist: After the client chooses the candidate to receive the proposal, Global Talent HQ will be responsible for formalizing the proposal to the candidate;
  • Accepted proposal: When the proposal made is formally accepted, the process is considered closed;
  • Follow-up of the Chosen Professional: Global Talent HQ will do all the follow-up of the chosen professional, not only until its start date but also during the board, integration, and development process.
  • The process is accompanied by an unconditional guarantee according to the vacancy to be filled.

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General Director

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